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Writer's Block: Globetrotting

Posted on 2011.07.11 at 15:14
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Was there ever a fictional character who you admired so much that you strived to be like him or her?

Italy. To visit Sicily & Rome and take pictures.

InterPals.Net : civicchik21's profile

Posted on 2011.07.01 at 11:25
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Writer's Block: Happy, happy, joy, joy

Posted on 2011.03.22 at 15:58
Current Mood: contentcontent
Which song makes you happy every time you hear it, and why?

Lips of an Angel by Hinder. It's mine & my bf's song & is his ringtone on my phone.

From 3D epics to sidesplitting comedies to angst-filled vampire thrillers, this was a standout year for movies. Which flick would you award the honor of Best Movie?

I would have to say Alice in Wonderland

You're going on your dream vacation and you can only take one gadget with you. Camera, music player, cell phone, laptop or something else – what do you bring and why? Which other ones would you miss most?

I'd take my camera. Cause, I want photos to remember where I went like scenery photos. my music player, my cell phone and my laptop.

Writer's Block: Bitter aftertaste

Posted on 2010.06.10 at 15:42
Current Mood: calmcalm
Do you judge people based on their taste in music? How has musical taste either enhanced or detracted from your relationships (including friends, roommates, and romantic partners)?

I don't judge people by their taste in music. I don't judge people period. The quote "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is what I use when I meet new people which is why I like to hang out with friends cause I want to get to know them better.

Writer's Block: Traveling Companions

Posted on 2010.06.10 at 15:30
Current Mood: accomplished
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What gadgets do you travel with when you’re going on a relaxing vacation? Do the gadgets you choose to bring tend to help you relax or keep you so plugged in that it’s hard to unwind?

I take my ipod, my cell phone, a few word searches, my digital camera, my laptop to put the pictures on. They help me relax. That's all I really need to relax. The ipod I listen to my favorite songs and take a walk or a jog. My phone so I can stay in contact with my friends and family. A few word searches to have something to do. My digital camera to take pictures while I am away scenery or of myself or of me and another person I took with me. My laptop to stay in touch with my facebook, myspace, daily booth, blogger, formspring.me and live journal friends. 

Writer's Block: Cat talk

Posted on 2010.06.10 at 15:22
Current Mood: blahblah
If your dog or cat had a mobile phone, who would be listed first on her or his speed dial?

Probably their girlfriend. Well the dog might put mommy first which is me.

Writer's Block: Do-over!

Posted on 2010.06.10 at 15:19
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
If you were given a life do-over card, would you keep it or give it to a friend? If you kept it, would you prefer to be born to the same or different parents? Would you want to keep your memories?

I'd keep it. Different parents. Yes, I would like to keep my memories.

Writer's Block: Mega Bite

Posted on 2010.06.10 at 15:15
Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Everything
If you could own a restaurant, what type of food would you serve, and what would you call it?

If I owned my own restaurant I'd probably call it Miranda & Co. Cafe. I'd probably serve a little bit of everything such as, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese (like Ichiban's) and American.

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